Rob is a creative and artist based out of Melbourne, Australia. Rob mainly works with photography and using light as a sculptural medium in his ‘light paintings’. His work is focussed on connecting with things that are hidden from everyday sight and sit on the edge of our normal perception, such as traces of physical movement or hidden properties of light.

Rob develops his own tools and techniques, mixing technology, science, physical movement and creativity. Rob’s recent series of Refractographs use everyday objects, such as wine glasses and beer bottles, to capture the complex patterns of light into beautiful abstract light paintings.

Over recent years, Rob has spoken both locally and internationally and has exhibited his work in Australia, New York, Paris, Spain, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and China. His work was also recently exhibited at the UNESCO headquarters, Paris, in support of UNESCO’s International Year of Light.


For details about his work and new projects please email: rob@robturneyvisuals.com



Exhibitions and publications (selected)

2018       ‘Namaste’ exhibition, ION Studio, New York, USA

2017       ‘Illumin8 Exhibition’, Quadrant Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2017       ‘Light Painting World Alliance Exhibition’, Shenzhen, China

2016       ‘Open Call II’ exhibition, Lorimoto Gallery, New York, USA

2016       ‘Light Painting World Alliance Exhibition’, Longshan Taoist Museum, Longshan, China

2016       ‘2nd International LightArt Convention Exhibition’, Auditorio Palacio, Oviedo, Spain

2015      ‘Light Speculation’ (commission), LAB 14 Carlton Connect Initiative, Melbourne, Australia

2015      ‘ArtFest – Light Painting World Alliance Exhibition’, City Hall, Astana, Kazakhstan

2015      ‘ITO Optics Colloquium – Light Painting World Alliance Exhibition’, Stuttgart, Germany

2015      ‘International Year of Light Opening Exhibition’, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

2014      ‘Light Painting World Alliance Exhibition’ – Lanzhou, China

2014      ‘Waves of Shining Light Exhibition’, New Town Plaza, Hong Kong, China

2014      ‘Exposition Lumieres’,  Embarcadère Culture Center, Aubervilliers, France

2014      ‘How to Photograph Anything’, Popular Photography book feature

2014       ‘1st International LightArt Convention Exhibition’,  Auditorio Palacio, Oviedo, Spain

2014       Popular Photography Magazine feature article, February

2013       Petapixel website feature article, April

2013       ‘2nd Light Painting World Exhibition’, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France

2013       ‘Techfest – International Light Painting show’, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India

2012       ‘1st Light Painting World Exhibition’, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia