Cradle Mountain Magic

This photo as taken a while ago at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. I lost my black card at about 1000m higher so I used my black  jacket sleeve to control the exposure of the sky – as I didnt have any Graduated filters at that stage just a 9 stop ND. A little dark in the sky but I think it gives a nice feeling – the sky only had about 5 seconds exposure whereas the rest of the scene had 121sec.

This technique is fun and it is called the “Magic Cloth” technique – serious!

cradle mountain magic

One thought on “Cradle Mountain Magic

  1. Kind Rob, Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have been doing spectral light images using an old slide projector, prisms and rear projection screen.. It never occurred to me to project directly in to the camera. I hope to soon refine my techniques. Great piece.
    Thanks again,

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