Refractography Tutorial – COMING SOON

I have been asked by Jason Page from to produce a tutorial on “How to make Refractographs” for exposure on his site.

This is a great opportunity to show other how I product the these abstract photographs and share the joy I get out of doing them. I have been getting a lot of interest in my refractographs lately and will be participating in an exhibition in May (but more of that another time). But this tutorial will be great to spread the art form. Look out for it on SOON! (I will post it here also 🙂

One thought on “Refractography Tutorial – COMING SOON

  1. Rob,
    Your images are absolutely stunning!
    Thanks for the tutorial and for encouraging others to try it out as well – which I will for sure.
    You mentioned the color painting technique during exposure – for how long do you leave the shutter open then?

    Myself I just recently got infected with the light painting bug and it is as you say – you get imminent satisfaction to have created something one can be a little proud of. If you like check out my work at

    Looking forward to more of your art-work.

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